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traditional pharmaceutical model

Pharma KZ goes beyond the traditional pharmaceutical model to become your holistic healthcare partner. Headquartered in Kazakhstan, we not only distribute high-quality medicines, supplements, and medical equipment but also specialize in facilitating companies in their entry into the lucrative Kazakhstan market. Whether you aim to supply medical products or expand your reach, we provide custom, end-to-end solutions designed to meet your unique needs.

Industry Leaders

Core Areas of Expertise


Our focus is not just on distribution but also on identifying cutting-edge medical solutions for various treatments. We leverage our expansive network of private hospitals, pharmacies, and e-commerce platforms to help companies make a grand entry into the Kazakhstan market.


Beyond basic wellness, we're in the business of elevating health. Whether you are a supplier, manufacturer, or distributor of supplements or other health enhancers, we can provide specialized market entry strategies.


Good healthcare starts with the right tools. We have a burgeoning demand for medical equipment across all healthcare sectors in Kazakhstan. You can be confident we'll identify the right customer segment for your products.


Bolat Batenov

"In a world where healthcare needs are ever-changing, Pharma KZ is committed to evolving alongside you. Our new services open doors for companies aiming to establish a foothold in Kazakhstan's healthcare sector. Together, let's turn challenges into opportunities and pave the way for a healthier future."

Our Process

The Pharma KZ Roadmap: An Eight-Step Journey to Success


Initiate a dialogue to pinpoint your specific needs and objectives.

Market Assessment

In-depth market studies to gauge the potential for your products.

Product Matching

Either choose from our existing portfolio or let us help source the ideal products for your target audience.

Navigating Regulations

Offering expert guidance through Kazakhstan's complex regulatory framework for healthcare products.

Quality Control

Rigorous internal quality assurance protocols to ensure the safety and effectiveness of all products.

Business Models

Crafting solutions to accommodate your distinct requirements, be it a healthcare facility or an international company.


We manage all shipping and logistics intricacies, offering you a worry-free delivery process.

Partner Support:

Your success is our success. Our post-sales relationship includes continuous market support and strategic advisement.


Frequently Asked Questions

What sets your services apart?

We offer specialized market entry strategies for companies wanting to distribute medical equipment, supplements, and medicines in Kazakhstan.

Is your clientele limited to Kazakhstan?

While rooted in Kazakhstan, our strategic solutions are designed for a global clientele.

What quality safeguards are in place?

Our quality assurance involves a multi-tiered approach, starting from sourcing from certified manufacturers to in-house quality audits.

How can I initiate a business relationship?

Connect with us via our website, email, or phone for a personalized consultation.

What is the standard lead time for orders?

We aim to process orders as rapidly as possible, generally within a standard time frame that can be customized based on your needs.

Is logistics part of the package?

Absolutely, we offer a comprehensive logistics solution to ensure secure and timely delivery.

What are the payment options?

We provide flexible payment structures, such as advance payment, Letter of Credit (LC), or payment upon delivery.

Why Pharma KZ?

We pride ourselves on a legacy of excellence, substantiated by a vast network of gratified healthcare providers and enterprises, both within Kazakhstan and internationally.

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